FES Group International 

FES Group International

We specialize in the supply of low cost, high quality engineering plastic materials, mix-metal liquid PVC stabilizers, plastic & polymer flame retardant additives and other masterbatch additives for various industries.

Among our product lines of engineering plastics, are those approved by OEMs in automotive industry(e.g Ford, GM Toyota…..) and various other industries.

We have various PVC stabilizers amongst which include Cd-Ba-Zn types, Ba-Zn types, Ca-Zn types suitable for soft, flexible PVC sheets application.

Our flame retardant additives include both that of halogen and non-halogen types able to satisfy the various needs of plastic compounders and processors globally.

Through our network of strategic manufacturing partners, accompanied by our relentless pursuit to keep up with the latest in the plastic industry, FES is committed to providing competitive cost, high quality and consistent products for our customers.

We challenge ourselves to reach out to companies looking for cost down or cost efficient material alternatives without compromising the necessary requirements of the products.